THE TOP 4 WAYS TO CARE FOR YOUR Glam-Aholic Lifestyle Bag

If you love your bag, it’ll love you back. Here are a few ways to show it some love.

1. Keep it shady. Don’t overexpose your bag to light, heat, or water.

2. Lighter colors don’t camouflage stains as well as darker colors, so use a touch more care with them.

. And finally, when you’re not using your bag, store it in the dust bag. Bags need their beauty rest too.

Genuine Leather

A regular wipe with a soft, dry cloth is your secret weapon against dust. 

For stains, trust a reliable leather cleaner. To keep that leather supple and moisturized, a touch of leather conditioner every few months works wonders – just remember to test it out on a small, discrete spot first. 

And please keep your genuine leather away from prolonged exposure to water and humidity to ensure longevity.

Mirror & Metallic

Shine bright like a diamond. A gentle wipe with a soft, dry cloth keeps fingerprints and smudges at bay. 

Guard against scratches by keeping these products away from abrasive materials, and store them in the protective pouch they originally came in. 


Delicate handling is key to keeping your mesh products snag-free. 

A damp cloth or baby wipe will do the trick for those targeted stains. 

Air dry your mesh items, storing them flat or hanging them to maintain their shape. Treat them carefully; your mesh pieces will keep turning heads wherever you go.


Maintaining that fresh and vibrant look is a breeze when it comes to nylon. 

Keep it simple by wiping your nylon product with a soft damp cloth, or baby wipe, to remove dirt and stains. 

Let them air dry naturally, but keep them away from direct sunlight to prevent color fading. 

Store them in a cool, dry place when unused, avoiding sharp objects that might snag your sleek nylon sidekick.


For day-to-day maintenance, gently wipe down your silk scarves with a soft, clean cloth. 

When faced with more stubborn stains, a mixture of mild detergent and lukewarm water works wonders. 

For a deeper clean, opt for the hand wash method in cold water with a silk-friendly detergent, being sure to avoid any wringing or twisting of the fabric.

Lay your silk scarves flat on a clean, dry towel for air drying – resist the temptation to hang them, as this could compromise the delicate fibers. To keep these luxurious accessories in prime condition, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, and consider loosely rolling or folding them to prevent wrinkles.

Vegan Leather

A gentle wipe with a soft, damp cloth is your go-to for everyday cleaning. 

Tackle tougher stains with a specialized leather cleaner. To keep that faux leather feeling supple and crack-free, treat it to a bit of vegan leather conditioner every now and then – just make sure to test new products in a hidden spot first. 

Oh, and steer clear of direct heat sources to keep your vegan leather looking on-the-go-ready.