Compare Flap Bag Sizes

Mini Flap Bags

Get ready to slay the streets with our Mini Flap Bag – the ultimate sidekick for your impromptu adventures. 

Small, sassy, and seriously stylish, this little gem keeps it light and on-trend. Whether you're grabbing coffee with the squad or hitting the dance floor, the Mini Flap Bag adds that extra touch of chic to your effortlessly cool look.

Medium Flap Bags

Meet your new every day essential – the Medium Flap Bag that effortlessly nails the fashion game. It's not just a bag; it's your partner in crime for those brunch dates, work hustle, and city strolls. 

Big enough to hold your essentials sleek enough to keep you looking fab. The Medium Flap Bag is all about that laid-back glam that effortlessly fits into your daily vibe.

Large Flap Bags

Level up your style with the Large Flap Bag – the ultimate statement piece for the trendsetter in you. 

Spacious, bold, and ready to turn heads, this bag is your go-to for social scenes, meetings, or just owning the day. Let your confidence shine through as you carry your essentials in this chic and roomy Large Flap Bag.

XL Flap Bags

When it's time to slay the fashion game on a grand scale, the XL Flap Bag has got your back. 

This isn't just a bag; it's a fashion power move. Perfect for jet-setting, work marathons, or whenever you want to take your style to the max. The XL Flap Bag – because a woman's got to have room for everything and look absolutely fabulous doing it.